Tajikistan is a mountainous Central Asian country with an ancient culture and history. The Tajik people are proud of their traditions and heritage, and this is reflected in the country's arts and crafts. One of the most popular traditional crafts is box production. Tajikistan has a long tradition of box making, and the boxes are often intricately decorated. The boxes are used to store a variety of things, from clothes and jewelry to food and spices. Tajik boxes are usually made of wood, but sometimes they are also made of metal or other materials. The boxes are often decorated with carving, painting, or other embellishments. Tajik box makers use a variety of techniques to create their boxes, and each box is unique. The boxes are often given as gifts, and they are treasured by their owners. Tajikistan's box making tradition is alive and well, and the boxes are still popular today. If you are interested in purchasing a Tajik box, you can find them for sale in many shops in Tajikistan, as well as online.