TÜRK KRAFT® is the leading kraft bag manufacturer in Turkey. As a specialist in industrial paper bags, our products such as 15-20 kg cement, plaster bags made of kraft paper are the leaders of the sector in terms of quality and durability. With our ability to manufacture from brown kraft and white kraft papers, we offer our customers a wide range of products.

We also manufacture valve bags in accordance with the needs of our customers. These valve bags are ideal for filling chemical powders quickly and efficiently. Our 3-layer bags, which we can produce by adding a single layer of paper, double-layer paper and HDPE plastic layer, help you to transport your products safely.

As TÜRK KRAFT®, we are proud of our capacity to serve our customers around the world. Adhering to high quality standards, we always regard customer satisfaction as our priority. We will be happy to meet your needs, with bags specially designed for you or wholesale orders in large lots. TÜRK KRAFT® is known for its reliability, quality and expertise in providing services at an international level. Contact us and let us safely pack your products and ship them worldwide.

Kraft bags are generally used in the packaging of industrial products such as cement and plaster and have the capacity to carry 15-20 kg products. The bags, in which brown and white kraft papers are used, combine durability and aesthetic appearance. In addition, valve bag designs enable rapid filling of chemical powders.