Paper sacks were first introduced in the early 19th century as a cheaper, more convenient alternative to wooden barrels and chests. They quickly became popular with consumers and producers alike, as they were much easier to transport and store than their bulky predecessors. Today, paper sacks are an essential part of the food and beverage industry, as they are used to package and transport everything from flour and sugar to coffee and tea. In Serbia, paper sacks are produced by a number of companies, including Jugoplastika, a leading manufacturer of paper and plastic packaging products. Jugoplastika has been in business since 1947, and over the years it has become one of the most trusted names in the Serbian packaging industry. The company offers a wide range of paper sack products, including kraft paper sacks, multi-wall paper sacks, and laminated paper sacks. Jugoplastika’s paper sacks are made from high-quality materials and are designed to meet the specific needs of each customer. Whether you are looking for a paper sack for food or industrial use, Jugoplastika has a sack that will suit your needs.