Paper Sack Producer Uruguay. Uruguay is a small country located in South America. It is bordered by Argentina to the west and Brazil to the north. The capital of Uruguay is Montevideo. The population of Uruguay is about 3.5 million. Uruguay is a democracy and has a strong economy. The main industries in Uruguay are agriculture, fishing, forestry, mining, manufacturing, and tourism. Uruguay is a major producer of paper sacks. Paper sacks are used to package a variety of products, including food, chemicals, and minerals. Uruguay exports paper sacks to many countries around the world. The paper sack industry in Uruguay employs a significant number of people. In addition to the workers who actually manufacture the paper sacks, there are also those who harvest the trees that are used to make the paper, as well as those who transport the paper sacks to their final destination. The paper sack industry is an important part of the Uruguayan economy. It provides jobs for many people and generates a significant amount of revenue for the country.