A paper sack is a bag made out of paper. Paper sacks are commonly used to hold food, such as flour or potatoes, and other dry, granular materials, such as sand or fertilizer. Other uses for paper sacks include holding pet food, birdseed, and other materials that are difficult to store in rigid containers. Paper sacks are usually made from brown Kraft paper, but can also be made from white paper or other colors of paper. Kraft paper is produced from wood pulp that has been chemically treated to make it stronger and more resistant to tearing. White paper is made from bleached wood pulp and is typically thinner and less durable than Kraft paper. Paper sacks are made by cutting a sheet of paper into a rectangular shape and then folding the paper along the sides and bottom to create a bag. The bottom of the bag is glued or stapled shut. Some paper sacks have a handle made from a strip of paper that is glued or stapled to the top of the bag. Paper sacks are an inexpensive and disposable option for packaging materials. They are also easy to store and transport. Paper sacks can be recycled, but they are not as easily recycled as cardboard boxes.